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EVERY.ONE. Capital Appeal Updates


Please return here periodically for updates on this summer's construction projects and progress on the EVERY.ONE.Capital Appeal.

MAY 2018

Work has begun on the Children’s Ministry area in the Lower Level. Several spaces will be modified during the renovation. The blue room (located across from the restrooms) will be expanded to include the hallway between the blue and purple room. This will allow the room to be used for larger groups of children. The Landing (located underneath the nursery) has had modifications in the duct work. These changes will allow for a moveable wall to be put in the room so that it can be used for two classrooms, but also opened up for one large meeting space. There will be a platform for presentations on one end of the room. Central Stowage (located underneath Discovery) will be divided into two classrooms. There will be no construction projects in Heartland, yellow or aqua rooms. All current tiled areas will be carpeted and new colors will be on the walls throughout. Signage to clearly mark classrooms and spaces will be added. The entire area will be designed with children and families in mind. Our area seeks to take children and families on a JOURNEY WITH JESUS! Check back often this summer to see our progress.

The Blue Room

The Blue Room

Day 1 of construction on the Blue Room.
The Blue Room

The Blue Room

Making lots of progress on Day 1 with the Blue Room. Getting ready to expand it to include the prior hallway.
The Purple Room

The Purple Room

Cutting sheet rock on Day 1 of construction.
Central Stowage-June 13, 2018

Central Stowage-June 13, 2018

The room is being divided into two spaces with a door between them. It is anticipated the upper elementary students will use this space.
The Landing-June 13, 2018

The Landing-June 13, 2018

The Landing had the carpet removed and the ceiling is being prepared to be painted. This room will have a moveable wall so that it can be used as a single larger room or two classroom spaces.



The Children's Ministry remodeling project is in final stages of approval and permits.  The focus of the Children's Ministry area improvements funded by the EVERY.ONE.Capital Appeal is to create spaces that are intentionally designed for children. We also need to provide the appropriate number of classrooms in sizes that meet the needs of our children aged 3 - grade 5. The project will include expanding one classroom to accommodate more children and dividing two larger spaces (Central Stowage and Landing) into smaller rooms. In The Landing, a movable divider wall will be installed for greater flexibility in room usage by various sized groups and activities. In order to create a space this is visually designed for children, carpet, colorful wall treatments, signage and furniture will be updated. The maximum expenditure for this project is $300,000.

The Life Worship Center remodeling project (not funded by the capital appeal) is still in the planning stage. It will involve a new sound system, a new 18 x10 ft hi-def LED screen, a larger platform, and new LED stage lighting. Here are a couple of images from the technology consultant designing the equipment. Final drawings are in progress and contractors are preparing cost estimates.





At the annual congregational meeting on January 28, 2018 two construction projects were presented to the congregation and were approved: 

  1. The Children's Ministry remodeling project was approved with a budget of $300,000 from the capital appeal funds. 

  2. A remodeling project in Life Worship Center, which will be funded by a bequest in cooperation with the St. Mark's Foundation and by additional designated donations from individual contributors.  The cost estimate approved at the annual congregational meeting was $315,000. However, the contractors later provided cost estimates above budget.  The project scope has been amended and to complete the needed improvements, additional designated donation commitments have been received.  


The Church Council held Information/Sharing Meetings for the congregation. Click here for an overview of those meetings.

SPRING 2017 

The completion of the EVERY.ONE. Capital Appeal was celebrated on March 26, 2017.  The successful appeal resulted in 239 pledges for a total of $ 3.39 million in commitments.  There were 264 personal visits made by the appeal visitor volunteer team. 

The Capital Appeal Leadership team studied the results of the appeal and taking into consideration input from the congregation during the information forums and the personal visits recommended the following allocation of the funds to the Church Council:  

        Children's ministry area remodeling


        Indoor & outdoor signage


        Mechanical and equipment maintenance


        Remainder used for monthly mortgage payments

            and principal prepayments as funds available


The Council formed the Capital Appeal Oversight Team to advise the construction project teams.   Members of that team are:  Kurt Beenen (Chair), Greg Voss, Gary Prybil, Chris Lindell, and Deb Becker.  They have been meeting with the three project teams as construction planning has progressed.